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Our Vision:
Disrupting Healthcare Disparities
When considering the welfare of our patients, their families, and the communities we serve, Nirvana’s vision is all-encompassing, all-inclusive, and long-term. When we speak about “disrupting healthcare disparities,” we mean making quality medical care accessible to everyone—regardless of age, disability, and economic status. Our vision empowers our commitment to equity and equality in delivering services to the homebound and those who can visit one of our offices. Our vision includes practicing preventative medicine and educating patients and family members to participate actively in their healthcare. Our vision looks to the future, not just this decade but for decades to come. Finally, our vision is both ambitious and courageous: Ambitious in our plans to expand our services. Courageous in our faith in our community service partners’ shared commitment to the success of this undertaking.
Our Mission:
Our Family Taking Care Of Yours
“Our Family Taking Care of Yours” guides both the mission and the measures of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Nirvana has expanded the definition of family. For us, family is our community. Our innovative, effective community service programs attest to that. Looking ahead, we are aware that certain communal healthcare needs are not being adequately met, that these gaps must be addressed and that certain patient populations require and deserve additional attention. We also believe that actions to meet these needs must be taken sooner rather than later.
CAPS Sums Up Our Goals
Nirvana is continually expanding its service programs to meet the growing healthcare needs of the urban communities we serve

Nirvana patients have the assurance that they are cared for by highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate medical professionals

Nirvana clinicians and support staff are committed to consistently providing personalized, patient-centered healthcare

Nirvana provides comprehensive, preventative, and affordable medical care to patients who can visit our offices and to those who are homebound
F-STEEP Sums Up Our Quality Measures
Nirvana’s six quality measures are based on the healthcare quality domains developed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Just as a skilled photographer uses the camera’s f-stop mechanism to create the perfect picture, Nirvana applies six quality measures—we’ve labeled them F-STEEP—to ensure that our patients receive quality healthcare that is proactive and affordable.
All Nirvana patients are entitled to and receive fair treatment. Nirvana clinicians and support staffs consistently provide the same level of attention and care to all our patients, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Further, if our patients believe that they have been treated unfairly, they have recourse to report their concerns to an administrator with authority to correct the situation

“Above all, do no harm.” The Hippocratic Oath is as relevant today as it was in Ancient Greece. Medications and treatments whose safety and efficacy have not been adequately tested through well-designed, properly executed clinical trials have no place in ethical medical practice. All medications and other treatment modalities must be FDA-approved, and their benefits and risks care must be fully considered before they are recommended or prescribed

Timeliness is essential to the provision of quality healthcare. Prompt remedial action on the part of healthcare providers and patients can mean the difference between a good outcome and a bad one. For this reason, Nirvana has established an efficient system for scheduling appointments and procedures, and for following up with patient appointments

Based on scientific evidence (eg, clinical studies and peer-reviewed, published reports), Nirvana clinicians do not prescribe treatments for patients who are unlikely to derive any benefit from them. Medications and other treatments of questionable efficacy and safety are never recommended or prescribed

“Waste not, want not!” This adage is especially meaningful to our healthcare professionals. Nirvana healthcare professionals continually streamline our protocols and systems to avoid wasting time, effort, supplies, and human resources. These efficiencies benefit both our patients and our healthcare providers

Nirvana’s medical practices and procedures are patient-centric—patients’ values and preferences are always considered. Nirvana physicians and nurses respect our patients’ wishes whenever this is reasonably possible. Recommended/prescribed medications and/or procedures are clearly described, and the reasons for recommending/ prescribing the medication and/or procedure are fully explained
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