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Care Coordination

Physicians better meet their patients’ healthcare needs and wishes through care coordination. The process involves gathering preferences from the patient and disseminating them to all care teams associated with that individual’s health, such as specialists. Altogether, it enables the patient to attain a higher level of care.
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Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management is another strategy Nirvana Healthcare Management Services implements to produce better patient results. It fosters more effective communication and collaboration among patients with chronic conditions and their physicians between visits. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services uses advanced technology to analyze and coordinate care plans for improved patient outcomes. For instance, a chronic care management team may call a patient to schedule a follow-up appointment.
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Medical Marijuana

Greater insight into how medical marijuana works and its composition has made it an approved treatment under the law. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is licensed to prescribe medicinal marijuana for chronic pain. Patients are given legally-valid identification cards to obtain treatment at a local dispensary only five miles from the Newark and East Orange locations.
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Medicare Counseling

Navigating Medicare benefits, costs, and eligibility guidelines can be challenging. Counselors guide individuals through the complex features of Medicare to ensure they understand what they are entitled to receive. Patients should also know that providers of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services accept all forms of insurance.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is a key component of telehealth services. It allows patients to consult with their physician about symptom management for acute and chronic conditions, without needing to travel to the facility for an in-person appointment. This service is ideal for people who cannot travel as easily as others and helps reduce the risk of infection for all patients.
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Certified Medical Examiner

Nirvana Healthcare Management Services also provides physical examinations for those who must submit to government health inspections through Salerno Medical Associates. Becoming a certified medical examiner requires extensive training and recognition by United States Department of Transportation (DOT). These services further express a dedication to caring for a wide population of patients.
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Civil Surgeon for Immigration

Immigrants pursuing green cards must first undergo a medical examination. Nirvana Healthcare Management Services serves as a certified medical examiner to perform these exams and help immigrants move closer to permanent, legal residency. Per the regulations and procedures of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the patient must bring the following documents to SMA at the time of the examination:

• Complete vaccination and immunization records • All chest x-rays
• Complete medical history • Passport, identity card, or laissez-passer

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Commercial Driving License (CDL)

This service also extends to individuals seeking a Commercial Driving License (CDL) in New Jersey. We are a federally certified medical examiner to provide physical examinations for drivers seeking their Commercial Driving License (CDL) in 2016. We are one of the few providers in Essex County providing this important commerce service.