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Our Diverse Staff Reflects the Diversity of Our Patients
Nirvana clinicians and their support staffs are extraordinary. Their training, professional experience, cultural backgrounds, and ages are diverse—but their commitment to their patients is the same—110 percent, always. Highly sensitive to their patients’ cultural diversity and how this can affect attitudes and behaviors, clinicians “meet patients on their home ground.” Most of our caregivers are fluent in Spanish, a major factor in enhancing patient comfort level and ability to communicate,

Our clinicians’ North Star is “Give Each Patient the Very Best Care Possible.” To achieve this goal, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and therapists listen closely, respond compassionately, and look for opportunities to educate. To promote a more healthful life style, they show patients how to be proactive in their healthcare decisions and emphasize the importance of preventative care.

As members of a team, our clinicians collaborate with their teammates whenever sharing information may lead to more accurate diagnoses and, therefore, more effective treatment regimens. Finally, our clinicians consider their colleagues family. That’s why the Nirvana tagline, “Our Family Caring for Yours,” also is the Nirvana truth.

Senior Management

Our Diverse Staff Reflects the Diversity of Our Patients
One man had a vision. He brought that vision to life by establishing Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. What began as one medical practice in East Orange seventy years ago has now grown into a far-reaching network of healthcare providers committed to providing a wide range of services to the public, other healthcare providers, and the community.

Nirvana Healthcare Management Services’ multiple goals are ambitious and realistic. Its innovative community service programs are working to increase public awareness and to change individual behaviors as these behaviors affect health. Our long-term goal is to significantly improve healthcare outcomes, with intentional focus on strengthening our services to patient populations that, for decades, have not been adequately served.

Nirvana’s clinicians are healers and educators. We are convinced that preventative medicine and proactive community service programs can change people’s lives for the better. We are very proud of what already has been accomplished and are poised to accomplish even more. We have the vision, the determination, and the clout.

Nirvana: “Healing Our Patients and Our Community.”