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What is your fax number? Our eFax number is 1-888-412-1759 What are your office hours and locations?
Which medical specialties practices do you provide? • Behavioral Health at North Ward Behavioral Health Center
• Pain Management at Prospect Spine and Pain • Vein and Vascular at Newark Vein and Vascular Center Do you have parking at every location?
Unfortunately, we do not provide parking. Street parking is available. Be sure to check parking signs. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. Can I come in as a walk-in? Patients are our top priority. Proudly, we accept walk-ins for our patients. Do you provide transportation?
Yes, depending on insurance plans. Please call 973-672-8573 to discuss the availability of transportation. Do you provide telehealth appointments? Yes, we do provide telehealth appointments. Call 973-672-8573 to schedule a telehealth appointment Do you provide language translation?
Yes, we provide language translation. 95% of our staff are bilingual in Spanish. Furthermore, we use Martti, a virtual translation assistant.
If I have an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), do I need to change my Primary Care Provider to one of the Providers on staff?
Yes, HMO plans need to have one of our providers listed for healthcare. Do I need to bring my Insurance Cards and ID to every visit? Yes, you must bring your insurance card (s) and legal photo ID Primary Insurance Secondary Insurance What forms of identification are acceptable? • Passport • Driver’s license • State Identification Card Do you offer late-night and/or weekend appointments?
Yes, please call 973-672-8573 to schedule a late or weekend appointment. Do you provide same-day walk-ins? Yes, Please call 973-672-8573 Can my Primary doctor complete Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms and/or Disability forms?
Each employer has its own regulations for the completion of forms. Be sure to understand what your company’s protocol is. Please stop by any of our offices to drop off the original forms. It will take 7-14 business days to be completed, and 2-3 business days will be expedited for a fee. Do you take Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance? No. Please contact your insurance for more information.


Whom should I contact with billing questions? Please contact the Billing Department at 973-672-2455 What Insurances are accepted? We participate in most insurance plans. Please check our insurance tab. What if my insurance claim is denied? Talk with your health insurance provider to clearly understand the details of your plan and coverage.


Who is authorized to sign a patient’s Medical Records Authorization form for release? • Yourself (not a spouse) • A parent if the patient is under the age of 18 years of age • Court-appointed guardian. (Must provide legal documents) • Power of Attorney if the patient is unable to sign (must have documentation) How do I complete the Medical Records Authorization form? The form must be filled out and signed to process the request. Include dates of service, physician, specialty, and type of information, for example: Consultation, Operative reports, Pathology, Labs, etc. If no dates are specified, the last year of information will be provided. Did you know: By specifying exactly what you need or by selecting Medical Record Abstract, your request may be processed much quicker! When can I expect to receive my records? May I pick up my records? Medical records are mailed, not faxed, no later than 30 days from the date the signed request was received. Medical records may also be picked up. (Photo identification is required at pick up). To schedule a time to pick up your medical records or for urgent requests, call 973-672-8573, select the All-other callers prompt (dial 5), then dial 2 for medical records. How can I check the status of my medical record request OR schedule a time to pick them up? Please contact the Medical Records department, Dial 973-672-8573, select the All-other callers (prompt 5), then dial 2 for medical records.


How can I get my medications refilled? You may request a refill by doing one of the following: • Utilize Our Patient Portal – Our patient portal includes a feature for requesting your medication refills. This is the easiest and quickest method to request medication refills.
Contact your pharmacy – Ask your pharmacy to send an electronic refill request or have them fax the refill request to our fax number, 888-412-1759. • Contact the office – you may speak directly to our pharmacy department to request refills on maintenance medications by calling 973-672-8573 and selecting Prompt 4. If you have any questions regarding your medication (s)? Contact our pharmacy department by calling 973-672-8573 and selecting Prompt 4. How long does it take for my medication(s) to be sent to my pharmacy after my appointment? Typically, medications are sent via electronic fax to your preferred pharmacy within 30 minutes to 1-hour after your appointment.
In rare circumstances, a clinician may provide a handwritten prescription at the end of your appointment. What if my insurance does not cover my medication? • Ask your pharmacy to fax a Prior Authorization request to our fax number 888-412-1759 or • Call our pharmacy department at 973-672-8573 and select, Prompt 4. My medication is not ready at the pharmacy. Why? Common reasons why a medication may not be ready at your pharmacy. • Refill too soon – the prescribed medication is too soon to be filled through your insurance. • Prior Authorization – the prescribed medication may need further authorization from your doctor to your insurance company. This process typically takes 3 -5 business days once initiated. • Transcribing Error – there was an error in electronically faxing your medication to the pharmacy.In this case, do not hesitate to contact our office to have your medication re-sent electronically. Call us at 973-672-8573 and select, Prompt 4. Do I need an appointment to obtain refills? • If you have been seen by your primary care physician (PCP) within 3 months of your request, we can refill your maintenance medications for up to 6 months or your next appointment. NOTE: Maintenance medications include but are not limited to blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications. • Acute medications such as pain relief, antibiotics, and cough suppressants will NOT be refilled until reevaluated by a provider via an in-office or telemedicine visit. • If you haven’t been seen within 3 months, you will be provided with a 14-day refill and be prompted to make an appointment with your PCP. What is Prior Authorization (PA) for Medication Refills? Some prescription plans may require an extra level of approval for certain medications.
Prior authorization is a process in which your primary care physician (PCP) authorizes the coverage of a medication to your insurance company.
Your insurance company then has the option to deny or accept the prescription. If denied, there is an option for an appeal. If accepted, you can pick up the medication at the determined co-pay by your insurance provider.