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Services for behavioral health
Our behavioral health patients benefit from the fully integrated healthcare we bring to an outpatient behavioral health center in the community, be it a group home or a partial care program. We work side-by-side with social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists. They do mental health treatment and socialization to get patients back into their communities. We create and provide up-todate healthcare report cards, so patients experience optimal wellbeing. We do everything from the neck down, while they deal with the neck up.
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chop covid-19 vaccination program
Salerno Medical Associates, LLP, now Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is the recipient of New Jersey Department of Health grant funding to provide free vaccines in the East Orange, Irvington, Newark, and Orange areas. We are the only private practice in the state awarded funds for vaccine administration. And, in keeping with our belief that access to care must be coupled with knowledge about care, we are collaborating with UHIP on this project to educate and empower the community about COVID-19 and other health issues.
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services for seniors and the homebound

In addition to the doctor’s visit and a medical exam done at home, our patients are also screened and tested in the same place where they see their medical care provider. This is especially convenient for elderly and homebound patients. It is also convenient for family members and/or caregivers who do not have the added concern of getting their family members to and from the doctor’s office.
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